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Manual EPIC Card Download Print Portal

If you are in India and looking to download your voter card PDF from the National Voter's Service Portal (NVSP), here are the general steps you can follow:

1. Visit the NVSP website: Go to the official website of the National Voter's Service Portal, which is https://www.nvsp.in/epicdownload/.

2. Click on the "Login" button: On the homepage of the NVSP website, you will find a "Login" button at the top right corner. Click on it to proceed.

3. Choose your login method: NVSP offers different login options such as through EPIC number, Aadhaar number, or manually entering your details. Select the preferred method that you have available.

4. Enter your details: Depending on the chosen login method, you will need to provide the required information such as EPIC number, Aadhaar number, or other personal details. Fill in the necessary fields accurately.

5. Verify your identity: Follow the prompts to complete the identity verification process. This may involve entering an OTP (One-Time Password) sent to your registered mobile number or email address.

6. Access your voter details: After successful login, you will be able to view your voter details on the NVSP portal.

7. Download the PDF: Look for an option to download the PDF version of your voter card or elector information. It may be labeled as "Download Voter ID Card" or something similar. Click on that option to initiate the download.

8. Save and print the PDF: Once the PDF file is downloaded, save it to a location on your computer or mobile device. You can then print it using a printer connected to your device.

Remember, these steps are a general guide, and the NVSP website may undergo updates or changes. It's always a good idea to refer to the official NVSP website for the most accurate and up-to-date instructions on downloading your voter card PDF.

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